Will my locational information be disclosed to anyone?

No, only the researchers working on this project will have access to your location history. The collected data will be stored on a safe and secure personal server belonging to Zachary Patterson's TRIP Lab.

Will my identity be revealed by participating in this research?

No, your participation is anonymous. At no time will you be asked to disclose your name or identity. You will be asked to provide your home postal code in the survey and your phone's model will be recorded. All of this information will be entirely confidential.

Will Itinerum use up my data plan?

Itinerum automatically uploads your data to our server. On the Android version of the app, it will only upload automatically when your phone has a WiFi connection. Itinerum on iOS will upload data 3 times per day and will favour using WIFI to upload your data. Typical cellular usage is a few hundred KB per day while participating in the survey. Itinerum is set to upload data when it is put in the foreground. If this is done when only cellular networks are available, it will use the cellular network. If it is a concern, you can monitor the cellular usage on your phone. The collection of location information will not consume any data whatsoever.

Will my phone's battery life be compromised by Itinerum?

The Itinerum application will run in the background with some increase of battery consumption. We have, however, tried to reduce battery consumption so as not to alter charging schedules. The amount of battery consumption will be a function of how much time you spend traveling. Itinerum does not record location information if you are stopped (or, on Android, if you are in a user-selected recognized wifi zone).

How much effort and time will participation require?

The initial survey will take you no longer than two minutes. Your data will be synced automatically.